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Name: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Continent: Asia
Latitude: 22.333563186595917
Longitude: 114.180908203125

Hong Kong's must-see places to travel

The Hong Kong is a very exciting city to visit. It is attracting thousands of travelers to here by its unique charm. Hong Kong offers a big range of activities, modern business areas, and beautiful nature resort. The city of Hong Kong is the one of the best combination of modern metropolis and ancient China culture. It is mainly composed of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

There are some places travel guide may help you during you trip in Hong Kong. Ok let’s begin.

1. The Sheung Wan and Western Districts
The Sheung Wan and Western Districts hold historical significance for Hong Kong.
It is a best example of a traditional Chinatown within Hong Kong.

2. The Western Market Building
Hong Kong’s Western Market is a building in Edwardian style built in 1906. If you want to buy some Chinese handicrafts go there is a good choice.

3. The Man Mo Temple
Be the one of oldest temple in Hong Kong itself is a beautiful, peaceful oasis in the midst of the city environs. The Temple’s name Man means the god of literature and Mo means the god of war.

4. Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak is one of Hong Kong’s most visited spots. You can view the entire city at the top of the mountain. In the unique tower on Victoria Peak you can find the Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum which contains replicas of about one hundred well-known personalities.

5. The Central Plaza Building
Central Plaza is one of Hong Kong highest buildings with 78 stories. At night the neon light at the top of Central Plaza changes color every fifteen minutes.

6. The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center
It is built on reclaimed land in Victoria Harbor. Its special roof construction makes it one of Hong Kong’s landmarks.

7. Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Museum of Art
Cultural Center was built in 1984. It is the setting of a number of concerts and exhibitions. It also houses a couple of the city museums, including the art museum. In the Hong Kong Museum of Art you can find much impressive art works not only Chinese but also international.

8. Kowloon Park
The park is a beautiful landscape in the middle of Kowloon district. It covers about 34 acres. In a corner of park is the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre.

9. The Wong Tai Sin Temple
Wong Tai Sin is a traditionally built Chinese temple. The people who wish to seek advice and relief from health problems or financial difficulties always come here.

10. The Po Lin Monastery
The monastery is placed in a beautiful area on Lantau Island. It is known for its large bronze Buddha. It is the largest of its kind in the world. You can also choose to walk to Lantau Peak which is the Hong Kong area’s next-highest mountain.

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